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Wyatt Field Service Company
is a premier heavy mechanical contractor, serving the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Founded in 1913, Wyatt has the largest market share of FCC and Coker turnarounds of any contractor in the Gulf.

Being known as an FCC and Coker turnaround specialist was making it difficult to sell their wider selection of specialty services, Capital Construction in particular and this was limiting their ability to grow revenue beyond the core services they were known for.

Client interviews confirmed that they were largely unaware of Wyatt’s services beyond FCC and Coker Turnarounds, so we needed to reposition them and bring their Capital Construction and other capabilities to the fore. Doing so, would alert clients who had pigeon-holed them for their core FCC work, that their was additional value they could extract from their relationship with Wyatt.

We reengineered and modernized their visual brand identity and created a descriptor line for the business that would immediately communicate their capabilities beyond FCC and Coker turnaround work.

By locking the words, ‘Complex Turnaround / Capital Construction’ to the logo and by crafting the following narrative, we changed how Wyatt were perceived and positioned them to rapidly grow revenue by selling services they weren‘t historically considered for.

As the premier Complex Turnaround and Capital Construction contractor in the industry, Wyatt’s problem solving, innovation and operational capability is unmatched.

Founded in 1913, our mission was to set ourselves apart by continually innovating—to plan approaches to the work that safely and efficiently help our clients succeed—we continue to honor that mission today.

Wyatt Field Service Company has maintained its distinguished reputation as a heavy mechanical contractor serving the Refining and Petrochemical Industry. We are an industry leader in FCCU/Coker/Mechanical Turnarounds, Piping & Exchangers and Capital Projects.

Our commitment to innovation, project management, safety and operational excellence sets us apart. Wyatt maintains a reputation as a heavy mechanical contractor with the unique ability to deploy highly-skilled workforces with the experience and single-minded determination to get complex jobs done.

Wyatt – Complex Turnaround / Capital Construction


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