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The Value of Construction Marketing

Why Brand Strategy for Construction Companies Matters

For most construction companies, marketing or brand strategy is not a top priority. Many companies still rely on word of mouth to find new clients. But today, when competition is at an all-time high, word of mouth may not be enough to grow your business.

INDUSTRI is a strategic brand positioning and business development firm specializing in the construction industry. We help construction, engineering, building supply, and industrial sectors target the right people, drive sales, and grow their business with a lasting effect.

Return on Investments?
Often, the most common question construction companies ask about a marketing strategy is if it’s worth the money?

At a time when construction or building contracts are being awarded within hours, companies can no longer afford to forgo a marketing strategy. Developing a marketing and branding strategy is necessary to stay competitive, but if you’re worried about a return on your investment, we can help quantify it for you using several key factors or key performance indicators (KPIs).

The first KPI is the cost of getting a new customer, otherwise known as Customer Acquisition Cost. Getting a new customer is often the most expensive process, but if growing your client base is important, determining the cost to get more customers is critical. INDUSTRI can help you calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost using a simple and proven equation. Part of this includes ensuring your sales and construction marketing are aligned and support each other.

The next KPI is the Customer Lifetime Value adjusted with your gross margin and your company’s attrition rate – how often you lose a customer. How much do your customers generate for your business and are you retaining, gaining, or losing customers? It’s far less expensive to keep an existing customer and INDUSTRI’s branding strategies can help ensure your customers stay with you long-term.

Once we know your Customer Acquisition Cost and your Lifetime Customer Value, INDUSTRI compares the two amounts to get a better idea of the return on your sales and marketing investment.

Once we see how much it costs to acquire or retain customers, INDUSTRI develops a construction marketing strategy to enhance certain parts of the process to drive sales.

We use a series of proven steps over an eight-week period to launch and execute a brand strategy for your company. The plan is designed to continue after your launch. This process has delivered real results in which our clients win more of the work they want and measurably growing their business.

At INDUSTRI, we’ve developed powerful brand-building strategies to help construction companies grow and thrive. We can help you do the same.

How We Work
INDUSTRI works with you to identify the optimal strategic approach. After an investigative process, we outline our recommendations, develop messaging, and implement a strategic plan to carry out our recommendations and ensure you achieve your goals.

We work closely with senior management, key stakeholders, and customers to identify your strengths and areas of improvement. And we look at your competitors to give us a 365-degree view of your business – how you can improve it and where it can grow.

INDUSTRI takes great pride in the construction marketing work we’ve done to help dozens of brands reinvent, reinvigorate, and redefine themselves.

Research & Brand Development Process

  1. Strategic Advantages – Identify and understand your company’s key strategic advantages in the industry
  2. Customer POV – Hear the customer perspective to understand the value they associate with your business
  3. Competition – Examine your competitors’ weaknesses to understand how to beat them

Once we’ve conducted our research, we begin our marketing process to identify opportunities, bring the brand elements to life, and develop a go-to-market strategy to drive sales.

Below is the step-by-step process that combines engineering and construction company marketing into a series of proven steps implemented over eight weeks.

What We Prioritize
Increase Sales
– At INDUSTRI, we know that if you want to increase sales, you must understand the value you provide your customer. Through our 365-degree research process, we identify what sets your company apart from your competitors. We use this to help secure and grow your sales.

Elevate Leadership – Word of mouth is still an important way to generate interest from new clients, which is why INDUSTRI prioritizes increasing awareness of your company’s top leadership. We’ll work to build your executives’ profiles, so they become “thought leaders” in the industry. Although this takes time, it helps create trust in your niche and cements your company as an expert in the field.

Talent Acquisition & Retention – People are your most valuable asset, but talent retention and acquisition are rarely given the attention they deserve. We can help identify and define your company’s purpose to help foster belief and buy-in from your employees. This helps create a feeling of purpose and belonging, which improves retention and overall workplace satisfaction.

Drive Efficiencies – Creating a more efficient and effective business increases your value in the eyes of your customers and builds a reputation as a business focused on delivering the best. INDUSTRI’s research process allows us to identify efficiencies and communicate the main factors that matter to your clients.

Evolve & Enhance Culture – The values of your company drive the culture of your business. They tell employees how to operate and have a significant effect on the overall atmosphere of your workplace. INDUSTRI works to uncover the “Why” in your business and develop best practices to create value-aligned processes to build success within teams.

Build Company Awareness – Brand awareness – like any other industry – is critical to success. INDUSTRI works to create an effective awareness strategy to improve engagement with past, present, and future clients. Using a multi-faceted approach, we tailor branding and marketing strategies to different audiences, reinforce branding over time, and make social customer engagement a priority. This helps retain current clients while identifying new clients. It requires a more long-term brand planning strategy, but ultimately offers a high return on investment.

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