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Specialists in Quality Lumber and Panel Products

Sherwood Lumber
is a national leader, innovator and solution provider to the Lumber and Building Materials Industries.They specialize in quality lumber and panel products.

When a downturn in the economy impacted the lumber and building sector, Sherwood saw an opportunity to expand their offering, rather than contract and reduce services like everyone else. They strategically acquired key competitors and the  challenge became how to integrate new employees and clients into their culture and tell this bold new story to the wider market.

With a 60 year history, a new national footprint from the acquisitions and an expansive distribution facility, we positioned Sherwood as the one company with the strength to survive tough times and be around for their customers in the long term. This was critical as so many other lumber companies failed and left their customers with unfilled orders and no one to turn to.

The opportunity was to look like and talk like a genuine national player and be the confident leader the industry needed. A leader who could be counted on to deliver for their clients, when and wherever needed.

The new brand gave Sherwood a significant visual presence and we saturated the industry with the We’ll Be Theremessaging to assure customers that if they wanted peace of mind and a totally reliable lumber partner, there was only one choice

Today, Sherwood Lumber employs over 125 people and have sales offices in Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. They supply more than 2000 lumber yards and manufacturers across the United States with building materials from environmentally managed producers.

Sherwood Lumber has lived up to their commitment to be there for their clients today and will do so into the future.

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Paul Blakely

Paul is the founder of INDUSTRI and has been strategically and creatively involved in each project showcase on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to email him using the link below.

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