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The World Leader in Electronically Tintable Glass

SageGlass is a highly innovative, category disrupting smart glass that tints in response to the sun. It incorporates nanotechnology consisting of five layers of ceramic materials, which have a total thickness that is less than 1/50th that of a human hair.

The key challenge for the company was how to build awareness and communicate the core value of the product to its most significant customer groups – architects, building owners and glazing contractors.

The product relies heavily on its impressive technology and the previous messaging was focused primarily on communicating the scientific superiority of the product.

Our research showed that we had change how the product was perceived by the target audience by focusing not so much on the ‘What’ of the product, but the ‘Why’. The key insight emerged that we needed to focus less on promoting the ‘tech’ and focus more on promoting the human benefits provided by the dynamic nature of SageGlass.

We created a visually dynamic brand identity program for the company along with high tempo, dynamic videos that communicated the lifestyle benefits of SageGlass.

Once the focus shifted to promoting tangible human benefits such as increased productivity and wellness because of a connection to the outdoors, the market began to listen and sales increased not only in the United States, but in Europe, the Middle East and India.

SageGlass represents a fundamental shift in the way people experience buildings— its the ultimate connector between the built and natural environments.


Paul Blakely

Paul is the founder of INDUSTRI and has been strategically and creatively involved in each project showcase on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to email him using the link below.

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