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PACO has been providing comprehensive Construction Management, Project and Program Management services for over 30 years. Founded in 1989 by Mr Frank Otero, the company proudly holds minority ownership and certification status (M/DBE) and is headquartered in New York City, with a regional office in Miami, FL.

Construction management is a crucial discipline within the construction industry that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and skills. It involves planning, coordinating and overseeing all aspects of a construction project, from its inception to completion. The New York market is highly saturated with firms offering similar services as PACO, so the challenge became how to differentiate PACO from its competitors and position the company to win more high profile work.

PACO’s initial vision aimed to establish a competitive presence in the demanding A/E/C sector of the Tri-State area. They harnessed their extensive, diverse experience in mega Infrastructure and Transportation programs to achieve this goal. Their daily collaboration with architects, engineers, contractors and stakeholders involves developing comprehensive project plans, resource allocation, schedule management and progress monitoring. Successful construction management hinges on effective communication, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of construction techniques and regulations. Construction managers act as the linchpin, ensuring projects stay on track and yield successful outcomes.

After in-depth interviews with clients and company management, it became evident that PACO is highly regarded for consistently delivering positive results. Clients emphasized that when they engaged PACO, it came with a strong assurance of success, instilling confidence that their projects were in capable hands. They unequivocally stated that PACO’s reputation was their most valuable asset when it came to being considered for partnering opportunities on significant infrastructure projects.

Once their true value proposition became clear, we positioned the company and created a messaging platform that puts PACO’s unrivaled reputation front and center in their marketing.

They now use the following introduction for the company:

PACO believes that reputation is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental aspect of any organization’s success. We believe that reputation is earned, not given and that it’s our responsibility to help clients navigate the challenges they face everyday and create lasting impact.

PACO – Reputation Earned.


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