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In the early 1880s, seaman first-class John Nooter sails to the new world from Amsterdam.
His experience in high-rigging on the tall ships prompts him to take a job as a rigger for John O’Brien Boiler Works in St. Louis and in 1896, John takes the bold step of going out on his own and the John Nooter Boiler Works Company is founded.

Today Nooter is a national construction contractor primarily serving the petroleum refining, power generation, chemical processing, alternative fuels, terminal oil & gas and associated industrial manufacturing industries.

The company expanded its footprint nationally through acquisition and although each geographical location remained successful, they didn’t properly integrate with each other and this created a siloed culture that was inhibiting cross selling and growth. 

In order to solve the siloing problem and position Nooter as the billion dollar national heavyweight that it was, we had to uncover the narrative thread that tied the organization together and unify each location name under a new, 21st Century brand.

To do this effectively we needed to hear directly from clients about what concerned them most and how Nooter helped them effectively overcome those concerns. By taking this approach we’d uncover the value they associate with Nooter and this would act as the common thread linking the disparate, siloed businesses together. 

We heard from clients throughout the country that their concerns related primarily to uncertainty of project outcomes, continuity of facility operations and safety. When designing their facility plans they don’t think in terms of what they need to do this year, but more what they need to achieve 5, 10 and 25 years down the road. They need continuity and a partner with the financial strength and turnkey capabilities to stay the course with them — Nooter is that partner. 

Once we understood how to strategically position Nooter, we created a new brand identity to unify the company under.

The logo is inspired by the scale and complexity of the facilities they work in. Its construct conveys precision, innovation and strength. It’s modern, new-media friendly and will become the signature of service for Nooter today and into the future.

“Nooter is an original.
Since 1896, we have remained a constant for our clients in a world of constant change.

We have the people, quality, commitment and unmatched track record of success to safely complete the complex jobs, wherever they may be. 

Nooter is a fully integrated turnkey construction, multi-craft, construction engineering and maintenance contractor, with an unrivaled track record of success in the industrial and commercial sectors. With a highly-skilled multi-craft labor force and unlimited geographical reach, we respond in real-time to vital projects or emergency situations, when and wherever needed.

Our goals are your goals: to achieve and maintain outperforming production environments for the life of your facility.”

Nooter – Integrated Multi-craft Contractors


Paul Blakely

Paul is the founder of INDUSTRI and has been strategically and creatively involved in each project showcase on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to email him using the link below.

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