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Strategic Online Marketing Tactics For Construction Companies

To increase and maintain a ubiquitous online brand presence, you need a rounded online marketing strategy. Effective online marketing strategies will help you accomplish your goals around business development, talent acquisition and talent retention. If a construction company is missing out on any of the following strategies, they will not be performing optimally.

INDUSTRI: Strategic Marketing For Construction Companies

On the surface, brand marketing may seem like it’s only appropriate for large, high-revenue construction and engineering businesses, but small to medium size construction companies need to invest in their marketing too. Marketing and lead generation for construction companies differ from other industries – but building a strong foundation is essential for any company that relies on new leads or that is struggling to retain or attract top employees. The foundations of your marketing strategy should include:

Content Marketing

When it comes to construction companies, content marketing is key. Content marketing involves creating relevant content on specific subjects that will attract the right audience groups and entice them to enquire about further about your company, its culture, your products and services.

Content marketing is important because it helps drive traffic to your website, raises brand awareness and drives employee loyalty. It helps expose your personality as a business and position you as an expert in the field, which makes customers more comfortable doing business with you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for the construction sector. While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent places to showcase your work, LinkedIn is an effective platform for B2B contractors.

Social media helps you directly interact with potential and current customers, and it’s also a way to give potential customers a quick snapshot of your brand and your reach without having to rely on an expensive media campaign.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing because it’s a way to get your business found on local search engines. This is valuable because local customers are generally more likely to buy from a local business, so you don’t want them to have to click through to find out that you’re located a few states away.

Local SEO is also effective because there are plenty of free tools out there to help you optimize your local listings. Whether it’s for your main website or for your company’s social media pages, you want to ensure that your business is well represented in the local search results. This is because local results generate a lot of enquiries for companies from both potential customers, future partners and employees.

In order to achieve good local search results, you have to have a well-optimized site that’s responsive and that has quality content and backlinks. This isn’t something you can do well without the help of a professional digital marketing agency.

Website Optimization

In this new age of ever evolving technology, traditional marketing strategies are not enough to lure in potential clients. With the the constant technological developments happening to the internet and to search engines, it is important for your construction firm to adapt to these changes and use them as an advantage in both your outbound and inbound marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to implement a smart marketing strategy for your AEC company is by optimizing your website. The purpose of a website for a construction company is to generate leads, increase revenue, but also to attract new talent. The goal must be more than just having a website, but having an effective website that helps grow your business in the areas you need it to grow.

Online Blog

Having a blog on your website can serve as an effective way to engage with customers, employees and potential employees to encourage them to take action. This will also make users realize that you understand what they’re looking for since you’re offering helpful information instead of just promoting your services.

PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a proven way to target potential customers and generate leads and sales. It’s an especially great strategy for construction and engineering companies because you can target specific keywords and phrases, in specific geographic locations.

Other Tips to Get Your Construction Business Ranking High On Google and other search engines

Construction companies need to market their services, products and values like every other business in today’s competitive market. They also need to be careful that they are not marketing towards the wrong audience or throwing their money away.

Construction industry strategic marketing is similar to other industries with a few exceptions. First, construction companies need to market in multiple locations. As a result, they need a professional, responsive website, consistent online presence, social media presence and online advertising depending on the location of the business.

Second, construction companies need to rank for multiple keywords and locations because that is how customers look for them. If a customer is based in Houston, Texas and needs ground improvement work carried out by a geotechnical firm, they will likely search “ground improvement work Houston” in Google or another search engine.

Third, construction companies can rank for more than one keyword and location on page one of Google. So if you own a geotechnical engineering firm in Houston, you don’t have to compete with every other geotechnical engineering firm in Houston for the top spot on page one of Google for the keyword “geotechnical engineering firm Houston” as there are many other keywords you can rank for with multiple locations. For example: Best geotechnical engineering firm in Texas will help set you apart.

Final Thoughts

Our online marketing services will help Construction and engineering companies to generate leads and create a strong web presence that positions them well in the marketplace. Contact INDUSTRI now for more information and find out how you can put our expert team to work for your business.

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