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Dedicated to Advancing the World’s Energy Infrastructure

As an organization CIC Group could be described as a holding company, but in truth they are much more than that.They are actively involved with each of their business units — Nooter, Nooter Eriksen, Wyatt and Delta — and are ultimately responsible for creating the conditions that ensure their operational readiness and success.

CIC Group are committed to advancing the interests of their clients worldwide by improving and maintaining facilities, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliability of operations. They have always been culturally customer focused, but needed to communicate their value and purpose to the wider Global energy sector in a more compelling way. Doing so would help them attract and retain talent, as well as  position to win new clients and larger projects.

After speaking with clients we learned that they really valued the personal attention and commitment shown by on-site business unti personnel everyday, on every project.

By adopting the tagline, ‘Client first’, we allowed CIC Group to take ownership of a client centric positioning that clearly communicates the group as a whole is focused on identifying and delivering value that will help clients accomplish their goals and succeed.

We planted a flag around CIC Group being on a critical mission to ensure the modernization and maintenance of the worlds energy infrastructure and as such have dedicated themselves and their business units to that singular mission.

By applying their unmatched experience and creativity to solve engineering and construction complexities throughout the sector, they position themselves away from key competitors and communicate that they have a purpose beyond simply their own profit.

CIC Group have committed to surrounding themselves with great people and understand that the can only truly succeed if they stay true to their values and aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of those they work with and serve.

By standing behind their commitments, no matter how demanding and by doing whatever it takes to help their clients succeed, they guarantee their own success.


Paul Blakely

Paul is the founder of INDUSTRI and has been strategically and creatively involved in each project showcase on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to email him using the link below.

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