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PRISM Spectrum Holdings
is a specialty contractor that provides comprehensive environmental remediation and demolition services across the United States.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, they successfully expanded into Connecticut, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Montana, Nevada and Arizona. To reinforce their positions in those areas they began the process of acquiring complementary, market leading businesses to strengthen their operations. That’s when EHG, Copper Environmental, AIG and AAIS came into the fold.

While the strategy of acquisition was initially successful, each regional company having a different company name and logo was beginning to create confusion for clients in the marketplace and this was inhibiting growth. 

In order to simplify their message and make it clear to current and prospective clients the value they provide nationwide, Prism had to unify the companies under a single, powerful master brand. 

After a protracted research and creative development phase, Industri recommended the master brand be called, Alloy Group.

The dictionary defines of the word Alloy as being – ‘Made by combining two or more metallic elements to provide greater strength.’ By bringing a multi-disciplined group of respected industry organizations together, we can define the new entity as being greater than the sum of its parts and providing superior services as a result.

Alloy Group can now credibly claim to harnesses the combined strength of decades of experience to provide clients the utility of a full-service Environmental Design, Engineering, Demolition, Abatement & Remediation partner.

Alloy’s unified focus is to become the turnkey service powerhouse their clients have asked for. One who simplifies complexity and safely delivers projects that are transformed, revitalized and ready for use.

By working in close partnership with each client and helping their employees realize their ambitions, Alloy can improve the communities they work and live in and continue to expand the limits of what a Specialty Environmental Group can do.

The new brand conveys the strength of a National company and provides a clear and cohesive message that will help Alloy win more of the work they want to win, as well as attract top talent from throughout the sector.


Paul Blakely

Paul is the founder of INDUSTRI and has been strategically and creatively involved in each project showcase on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to email him using the link below.

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