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INDUSTRI is a strategic brand positioning and business development firm specializing in the construction, engineering, building supply and industrial sectors. We help drive sales by focusing on the areas of a business that can be improved quickly, with lasting effect.

Once the optimal strategic approach is defined, we activate our recommendations and transform messaging and tactical outreach to help clients rapidly win more of the work they want to win.

By using a disciplined approach and by working closely with senior management and key stakeholders, answers emerge that produce meaningful and measurable results.

We are based in New York City and Los Angeles and have helped dozens of brands reinvent, reinvigorate, and redefine themselves.


  1. STRATEGIC ADVANTAGES – Identify and fully understand the company’s key strategic advantages
  2. CUSTOMER POV – Hear the customer perspective to understand the value they associate with the firm
  3. COMPETITION – Examine competition weaknesses to understand the best way to beat them
Once the triangulation process is complete, we position the company to exploit opportunities in the market, bring the brand elements to life and execute a go-to-market strategy that will help systematically drive sales.


Increase Sales

Driving sales requires a fundamental understanding of the value you provide to the client.

Safely delivering a project on time and on budget is only part of it; most of your competitors can do that too, so demonstrating your dedication to an ongoing partnership that builds trust will increase your value to customers and extend the lifetime of the relationship.
INDUSTRI drives business by building and executing measurable strategies that drives bottom line outcomes and positions you to win more of the work you want to win.

Elevate Leadership

Today’s top executives and industry leaders put time and effort into building their niche in order to raise their profiles and become recognized as ‘thought leaders’ in their space. It doesn’t happen overnight of course and there are a lots of potential strategies and tactics that can be adopted, but the secret is knowing exactly where to spend your time to get the results you need.
INDUSTRI helps clients follow best practice and take a simple, but disciplined approach to elevating their profiles in order to become recognized as relevant experts in their space.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

People are your company’s most valuable asset, yet most businesses talk more about talent retention and acquisition than actually doing something positive about it. Unlike your services, culture and the purpose of your business isn’t something that can be easily replicated by competitors. It is crucial to retaining the right people by keeping them engaged and motivated.
People stay with a company when it helps them develop a feeling of purpose and belonging.
INDUSTRI helps clients identify and define their culture and communicate it with consistency both internally and externally.

Drive Efficiencies

Improving the efficiency of your company’s approach to market segmentation and sales are proven ways to reduce costs and leverage your talent better when it comes to business development.
INDUSTRI drives efficiencies by focusing clients on key areas of opportunity and by helping them understand the main business drivers that matter most to their clients.

Evolve and Enhance Culture

Improving company culture has quickly become non-negotiable for modern leaders at growth-focused organizations - 90% of executives believe culture is important and less than 15% think their culture is where it needs to be. Your company’s values are the guiding principles by which your people should operate. You need to ask if your people truly understand your values and purpose as an organization.
INDUSTRI are experts in uncovering the ‘Why’ in your business and have compiled best practices covering everything from values alignment and feedback, to flexible workspaces and team success.

Build Company Awareness

Building strong company awareness is proven to help directly impact bottom line sales.

An effective awareness strategy requires a multi-faceted approach to improving engagement with past, current, and future customers. INDUSTRI positions companies for success and raises their awareness by utilizing the following best practices.
1. Segment branding efforts to target highly-specific audiences.
2. Use search result retargeting to establish strong brand recall.
3. Making social customer engagement a priority.

With a disciplined, strategic targeting approach, building a company awareness strategy results in a measurable Return on Investment.


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